Mind Health Toronto delivers care that considers the whole person. Our goal is to enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of individuals, couples and families across the Greater Toronto Area.

With more than 20 therapists from diverse clinical backgrounds, Mind Health Toronto is much more than a clinic: we are a communityWe are, in sum, a healing arts centre of wellness experts.  A one-stop-shop for all your mental health and relationship needs.

One space bringing all this expertise together isn’t just practical. This is good practice. It’s therapists, doctors, coaches and more sharing what they know. It’s about giving people options. It’s bisecting fields and addressing concerns from different angles. Healing the WHOLE person.

Our team includes: social workers, psychiatrists, a GP psychotherapist, a psychologist, marriage and family therapists, parent coaches, addiction specialists, an educational consultant, a naturopath, holistic nutritionist and a mindfulness yoga instructor.

Together we are an interdisciplinary mind health institute working to help the whole person and the whole family.

Working together to achieve common goals.

take care of your mind today. Request an appointment with one of our clinicians or call 416.322.5433

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