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Have you ever had the feeling that you get into the same kind of conflict, over and over again, in your relationship? Want to learn how to recognize and stop the pattern in its tracks and do something better? Every day I help my clients feel more connected and secure in their relationships and this in turn helps them better able to take on the world!

The secret to cracking the code of connection and love is to move towards emotions in order to understand them better. This process may involve resolving arguments that have left you feeling lonely and isolated or reduce stressful emotions like panic, anxiety, and depression. Adult bonding and all the emotions involved in this – is the key to having a happier relationship.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) helps address the core questions we often ask ourselves about our most important relationship: “Do I matter deeply to my partner? Will he/she be there for me when I need them most? Do I feel safe and secure enough in this relationship to be my full and authentic self?”

These questions are typically at the root of what couples fight about: the emotional bond and security in their relationship. When we fear that the answer to one of the above questions may be “no,” it can cause us to feel isolated and alone, and sometimes as though we are fighting for survival itself.

And fight we will. Or withdraw.

EFT is a highly researched, effective, and evidence-based therapy which can help both partners get more of what they really want out of their relationship. It helps partners learn not only to be more open and trusting with each other, but also to reach out for one another more effectively.

Recent analysis of the best studies found that 75% of couples move from distress to recovery and about 90% of couples show significant improvements ( the best results of any couple therapy) and evidence shows that these positive effects last over time.


Healthy outlook, healthy attitude, healthy mind, healthy heart.

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