Many Bad Feelings Come From Illogical Thoughts

Happy Spring, friends:

Daylight savings time may have brought with it a series of grumbles – “what do you mean we lose an hour of sleep?” – but it does have one very positive perk: MORE SUNLIGHT!!!!

For those of us who experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), increased light can shake away feelings of depression and enhance our mood. People simply feel better on longer days.

Spring promotes hope, happiness and inspires us to “spring into action”. Shake-off the cobwebs and dust from the winter months. It’s spring-cleaning time! We can also “spring clean” our mental and emotional spaces. Do away with the mental debris that no-longer serves you. Whether you notice it or not, your limiting beliefs, skewed expectations or negative internal dialogue influence every aspect of your life.

I just wrote a blog post that touches on this topic: Many Bad Feelings Come From Illogical Thoughts. Biased thinking patterns are often linked to stress, anxiety and depression.

With the change of seasons comes a chance to try something different.

Do you have any new and exciting changes planned for the coming season?

In Mind Health and Happiness,

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